Memphis, Shelby County and Surrounding Area


We will unlock your door in minutes. Cars, Trucks & Semis

$50 in Memphis  
        Tire Changes for Trucks & SUVs   No Spare see below

Fuel Delivery    $45 in Memphis
           Cars or Light Duty Trucks. 

We can have a trained technician to your location in as little as 15 minutes to quickly get your vehicle unlocked, change a flat tire, jump start a dead battery, deliver and install a new battery or bring you fuel. Call for pricing on a new battery, delivered and installed. 

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  • In Memphis

    • LOCKED OUT OF YOUR Car, Truck or Tractor Trailer
      We will OPEN your LOCKED doors in minutes!
    • AIR ONLY
      Air delivered to your low pressure car or light truck tire. 
      Car or Light Duty Trucks and SUVs
      Free Battery and Alternator Check
      Mobile Battery Replacement if needed
      * Also see Mobile Battery replacement service
      * Commercial Duty Trucks and Tractor Trailer see below
      You need to have a usable spare and Lug-nut key, if needed.
    • TIRE CHANGE Light Trucks & SUVs
      You need to have a usable spare and lug nut key if needed.
      Outside of Memphis city limits but inside Shelby County $45
      *2 gallons of fuel delivered and installed.  
      In Memphis or Shelby County
      Outside of Shelby County add $1.50 per mile
    • Tire Repair on Site when possible
      Tires that have a nail like object or small puncture can be PLUGGED on site. 
      We do not remove a tire from its rim on site.
    • Mobile Battery Replacement Service. Battery + Installation
      A new battery is delivered to your car and installed. 
      5 Year Warranty Program (3 Years Free Replacement + 2 Years Prorated)
      Call for a Price

    • NO Spare or Multiple Flats
      If you do not have a usable spare or you blew two tires, during open tire shop hours, we can take your tire in for a new or used replacement tire of your choice and return it to your car.
    • Cargo Trailer Repairs

      Tire Change, U Bolt replacement
      • TRAILER Tire Changes
        * You need to have a usable spare tire
        * Load weight should be less than 20.000 pounds
        * In Shelby County 
        * Outside of Shelby County add $1.50 per mile
      • U Bolt replacemt
        You will need to know the measurements of existing U bolts and axle. 
  • Semi, tractor-trailer

  • Semi, Tractor Trailer Locked Out
    In Memphis and Shelby County



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